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JSN Artista focuses on simple shapes with the combination of bright colors and exotic typography to emphasize clarity and usability. JSN Artista would be one of the most powerful JoomlaShine templates right now with the extended styles for popular extensions: EasyDiscuss, EasyBlog.

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Content Elements

Content elements in JSN Artista 2 is meticulously optimized for design aesthetic and consistency.

Module Positions

This template is shipped with various useful module positions and allow users to create new positions.

Content Types

Articles only contain image and text. But JSN Sun Framework put Joomla! content to the next level!

Menu Variations

Key menu variations such as 'side menu', 'mega menu' and 'tree menu' are integrated in our templates.


Template Features.

JSN Artista is a sophisticated Joomla template knitted for portfolio, photography or creative showcase websites. With the perfect...

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Latest Works.

Don’t let visitors get out of your website because of simple and inactive content. The extension from JoomlaShine will help to manage image sources, photo gallery and display amazing showcases via an easy-to-use panel with drag-and-drop operation and preview mode.

The original version uses JSN ImageShow here. Try it for a beautiful slideshow!

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Our team member.

Hard works from our passionate web developers, talented UI/UX designers, and tireless technical supports, all are included in JSN Artista to bring you perfect Joomla! Experience.









With a unique mechanism for installing sample data directly on your current website.

JSN Artista's responsive layout guarantees the perfect look for your website no matter what mobile devices or screen solutions it's rendering on. JSN Artista provides you with powerful features and painstakingly-fullwidth design.

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Ethics...Every company should follow these guys. The products are very configurable and, of the very few issues I have ever had, they have taken care of them promptly, satisfactorily, and professionally.

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